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Tell Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board: Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
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Who we are

The People’s Lobby is a membership organization devoted to fighting for a fair economy and a just society. We combine the traditional tools of community organizing with direct lobbying and electoral politics in order to shape legislation, elect progressive candidates, and remove elected officials who serve the interests of the 1%. Through this commitment, we will change the political landscape of this country and redefine what is politically possible.

The People’s Lobby is building a people’s movement to transcend the silos that often divide us.  Our members are seasoned activists and first-time volunteers, political junkies and newbies alike. We come from different geographic areas and different ages, races, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds. What our members have in common are a commitment to the common good, a willingness to get involved, and the courage to fight for fairness and justice.

The People’s Lobby was founded as a response to the profound crises our families are facing at every turn. This country’s once-great middle class, with its guarantees of stability and a better life for our children, is being decimated; working people, exploited by corporate greed, are now part of a trans-national race to the bottom. Environmental regulation is being rolled back at the moment we need it most, as climate change threatens to cause tremendous human suffering and the extinction of untold numbers of species. And the economic safety net that protects senior citizens, the disabled, and the unemployed is under attack.

In each of these crises, the voices of our families – working people from all walks of life – are going unheard in the halls of government. They are being drowned out by the deluge of money and influence held by huge corporations and the very wealthiest among us.

The People’s Lobby will bring our voices into the halls of government to take on the army of lobbyist employed by Wall Street, big corporations and the extremely wealthy.