About Us

Our Grassroots Members are Leading the Fight to Reclaim Government from Corporate Interests

The People’s Lobby is a fast-growing, membership-driven organization devoted to organizing widespread support for public policies and candidates – including people from our communities – that put the needs of people and the planet before the interests of big corporations and the very rich. We train leaders to build bases in our communities, organize support for progressive legislation, endorse candidates and take direct action to pressure elected officials and other powerful people to put the interests of people and the planet first.

Our Membership Spans the Greater Chicago Area

Our membership spans the greater Chicago area, from the south suburbs through the north shore and northwest suburbs. On campuses across Chicago, our student leaders with Chicago Student Action organize for racial, economic, and gender justice at their universities and beyond. Our Faith Liberation Movement is a collective of clergy and people of faith seeking to transform our economy and society so that justice reigns, rather than the dominant values of greed and individualism.

The time and financial contributions of our members give The People’s Lobby the independence to set our own agenda. Our leadership is comprised of people of all ages, from college students to retirees, who give their time, energy and a financial contribution within their means.

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