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The People’s Lobby Education Institute

IIRON is now called The People’s Lobby Education Institute

Our name has changed, but our work has not. We remain committed to fighting for economic, racial and gender equality. Please read on to learn more about our work.

We Develop Grassroots Leaders, including Clergy & People of Faith

The People’s Lobby Education Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization devoted to developing strong grassroots leaders that understand the root causes of injustice, build bases within their local communities, and take direct action to hold powerful decision makers accountable to putting people and the planet first.

The People’s Lobby Education Institute’s Faith Liberation Movement is a collective of clergy and people of faith who work together to transform our economy and society so that justice might reign, and not the dominant values of greed and individualism.

We Train Leaders to Develop Powerful Public Lives

The People’s Lobby Education Institute invests heavily in leadership training and development. We hold monthly introductory and advanced daylong leadership trainings. We partner biannually with People’s Action Institute to run a comprehensive weeklong leadership training that challenges participants to reflect deeply on these questions:

  • Do I want (more) power?
  • What changes do I need to make for that to happen?
  • What do I care most about impacting in the next year?   The next 5 years?  In my lifetime?
  • How can more effectively organize the people and the resources I need to succeed?

We Organize for Economic, Racial and Gender Equality

The People’s Lobby Education Institute shares its issues agenda with The People’s Lobby. By clicking “Take Action” above, you will be directed to a website operated by The People’s Lobby, an independent 501(c)(4) entity.

We Build Statewide and National Power

We’re committed to building a real people’s movement with allies across the state and around the country.

The People’s Lobby Education Institute is a member of Fair Economy Illinois, a statewide alliance that organizes urban, suburban and rural residents to limit the power of corporations and private interests in our state, to ensure adequate revenue for the State of Illinois to invest in the common good and to protect our environment and natural resources from corporate exploitation.

The People’s Lobby Education Institute is also a member of People’s Action Institute, a national network of grassroots organizations with a fierce reputation for direct action and a strategic vision for a long-term agenda.